How does Kinesiology Tape work?

Hi, my name is Matt and on this page i’m going to explain how I came about Kinesiology tape. You know the bright blue tape athletes wear. You’ve probably seen this product and maybe you’ve asked how does Kinesiology tape work?

Like you i’m an avid football fan. Watch it, talk about it, read about it and play it (not very well). Basically I love football.

How does Kinesiology Tape Work

Growing up playing for youth teams and eventually playing against guys more than twice my age as a spotty teenager, I never really had any issues with injuries. Nothing that I couldn’t shake off after a day or two anyway.

The problem arose about 4 years ago. I was 32 and was asked to play in a 5 a side game. Brilliant I thought. I love 5 a side and had played it many many times in the past. Before the game, I was at work. You know the usual thing, rush to get home, rush to have something to eat, meet in time for a lift and get to the sports hall with barely anytime to warm up.

Which is the crux of the problem and how my first real problems came about. I didn’t warm up. Thinking I was still the teenager I went straight into the game. I hadn’t played for a while and was just finding my touch. It all felt good. Until a through ball was played for me to run onto…and POP!

how does kt tape work

Excruciating pain ran through my left groin that left me with a choking feeling. I rolled on the floor for a few seconds and hobbled to my goal to play the rest of the game between the sticks.

Over the next few days the inside of my left thigh was literally black and blue and after much searching of the internet decided I had probably torn my left groin.

Months past without playing any sort of football and although I felt numbness after running I was nervous about kicking a ball again.

After about a year I was asked to play at Carrow Road, Home of Norwich City. This was a pay to play experience and they were in the Premier League at the time. Of course I wanted the chance to play here and this is where I first found out about Kinesiology Tape. After much researching into massage and stretching I finally opted for using the taping method and I asked the question how does Kinesiology tape work?

I looked at how to use the tape online. There are many video guides on how to apply the tape and so I applied it to my groin and ensured I warmed up thoroughly before walking out onto the famous pitch in Norwich.

I came through the game unscathed and thoroughly enjoyed myself. After that game I had the opportunity to play at Newcastle Utd’s training Academy ground, where once again I applied Kinesiology tape to my groin and afterwards I never felt a thing.

Fantastic news as this meant I could once again enjoy 5 a side football. The game is notorious for its fast pace, twisting and turning and I was confident the tape would work. Which it did.

A few months ago whilst playing 5 a side and after a strict warming up regime beforehand I was enjoying the game when I planted my left foot on to the floor. I almost choked again with pain in my Achilles and once again I hobbled into goal.

I put this down to a freak injury and let the ache and pain rest for a few weeks. I now use Kinesiology tape on my Achilles every week just in case and have had no further injuries.

I now swear by Kinesiology Tape. I don’t opt for the bright blue colour and prefer the black. Fortunately my tape is concealed under my shorts and socks however I would never be without this fantastic product.

So how does Kinesiology Tape work?

This incredible injury solution is simple in its idea and application. The concept is explained by when the tape is applied it lifts the skin to create a small space between the muscle and dermis layers. This space that has been created takes the pressure of any inured muscle or swelling, increases blood flow and enhances muscle movement. So that’s the question of how does Kinesiology tape work, the next time someone asks you when they see a football player or athlete wearing it.

Speaking from experience I can highly recommend Kinesiology Tape and of course the choice of colour is entirely up to you.