Best Shin Pads for football

Best shin pads for football

Any footballer will tell you shin pads are a must. Yes there are the odd one or two who always think they can get away without protecting their lower leg, however for the vast majority of us shin guards are as important as choosing the right footwear.

Shin pads come in many different forms and the choice of protection is ultimately very much a personal thing. We have spent hours using many different football shin guards and have checked the wear on a whole variety.

After much deliberation we decided that the Nike Mecurial Lites were the best shin pads for football especially 5 a side.

best shin pads for football
Nike Mecurial Lite shin pads

They may look like a simple piece of equipment and you’d be correct, however the Nike Mecurial shin pads have a quality protective, low profile shell that will provide a guard against any unwanted late tackles.

When playing we like to be safe in the knowledge that our legs are being protected without compromising our performance. There are one or two (if not more), football shin pads that are way too bulky and cause a nuisance whilst in the middle of the game.

The durable protective shell provides protection without the loss of comfort

This is another reason why we think the Nike Mercurial Lites are the best shin pads for football because they are so light weight and so unobtrusive they provide everything you need with little to no fuss.

The shin guard itself is held in place by a comfortable and convenient sleeve that comes with the pads, whilst the EVA foam and waffle profile add that all important absorption for when you do succumb to a bad foul or nasty kick your lower leg.

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As you probably know shin guards come in different shapes and can provide different levels of protection. You’ll often find guards that come with ankle protection and whilst for us we don’t like wearing guards like this, often the best shin pads for football come with this added and necessary for some support around the lower leg area. They are a really good idea for children especially and their are some excellent choices.

A brand we really love in football, especially 5 a side is Mitre. This name is famous for providing top quality football products and shin pads are no exception.

If your looking for more protection around the ankle then the Mitre Aircell Power will fit the bill.

best shin guards with ankle support
Mitre Aircell Power shin pads

The Aircell has been created to make your legs more comfortable. The technology used in these shin guards is totally breathable, which will keep you cooler and drier throughout your match. These pads come with dual density foam, which will absorb any impact from those crunching and hard tackles we often face. The ankle protection is fixed to the main shin pad.

mitre aircell size chart

These are one of the best shin guards for football because of their quality testing. All Mitre Aircell shin padsĀ  are SE and SATRA tested, which means they provide some serious protection.

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For a good all round shin pad with ankle support make sure you checkout the Aircell from Mitre.