Best 5 a side warm ups

A lot of 5 a side players don’t put much effort into warming up. Firing shots at the keeper, passing between two of you is usually the norm. Failing to warm up properly will result in only one thing – INJURY!

Warming up is essential. Activate your muscles, raising your heart rate and preparing your mind for the task ahead is an important pre 5 a side ritual that you and your team mates should always undertake. The football world governing body created the FIFA 11+ injury prevention and warm up programme. Of course you may and probably won’t have time to undertake all the of the individual drills but trying them can only assist you and your team.

Best 5 a side warm ups – Try these techniques;

Of course were not saying don’t ping some shots in at the keeper, or pass amongst yourselves however trying out some of these warm up techniques alongside that will hopefully decrease your chances of injury and increase your performance levels.

Gone are the days of just standing still and stretching individual muscle groups. Instead the best 5 a side warm ups consist more of jogging whilst stretching specific muscles.

Try and give yourself enough time before your 5 a side game to warm up. Set out your cones and activate your muscles by keeping on your toes. Set your cones up and carry out some of the following drills whilst jogging.

  • Groin Twists
  • Flick your heels to your backside
  • Raised knees
  • Side stepping
  • Upper body rotations
  • Sprints
  • Lunges

Whilst you and your team mates are carrying out these drills it is important to stay hydrated. Keep drinking your water and stay motivated. Click here to choose the best football drinks bottles and carrier sets.

Best 5 a side warm ups

Many injuries needlessly happen and can be frustrating, especially as 5 a side is a fun and enjoyable hobby, so to miss out because of not warming up properly can be frustrating as well as infuriating.

These are just a selection of best 5 a side warm ups. You can tailor the regime to meet your own specific requirments. Its best not to just blast the ball at the keeper beforehand but to take the pre game as seriously as the match itself.

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