Best 5 a side tactics

Believe it or not the 5 a side version of football does require some tactical know how if your going to be successful. Lets face it we’ve all played 5 a side and run a round like headless chickens, taking your turn in goal and being absolutely exhausted come the final whistle.

The winning teams all stick to a formation and implement the best 5 a side tactics to their greater good and here we’ll explain how you and your side can improve with a better set up and understanding of each individuals roles for the game.

best 5 a side tactics

Best 5 a side tactics & Formations

Taking the time to discuss what each players roles and responsibilities are can only improve your overall performances. As more games are played throughout the league and tournament your results will hopefully pick up and turn your team into a winning outfit.

Its hard to create a formation with 5 a side team. With a permanent goal keeper that leaves just 4 outfield players. So what do you go for? 1-2-1, 2-1-1, 1,1,2? Ultimately the choice is yours however the best 5 a side tactics are used and implemented with teams that hit the opposiiton on the break. Here at Just 5 a side we think playing 1 at the back with 2 in in the middle allow the counter attack to happen much more fluently. The 1-2-1 formation will allow your team to break with pace and power built on a solid midfield.

best 5 a side tactics

The 2 players in the middle should ideally be your fittest players. These 2 will be the engine and driving force behind the success of your 5 a side team. These 2 work horses will need the legs to assist the lone defender whilst being able to break at speed to join in with what should be a quick attack.

Tiki Taka style football is best left for the pro’s in the 11 a side game. Indoor football doesnt allow for much space and time and your tactics would best be suited to conserving energy. Break with a killer pass and let the ball do the work at speed. You’ve drawn the opposiiton in and your two midfielders will have the energy to impose their capabilities at the other end of the pitch in seconds few.

If the league or tournament allows it, make sure you have your allocation of substitutes. Theres no better tactical blow to the opposition than a player with fresh legs and we all know just how tiring 5 a side can be.