Best 5 a side Football

When it comes to 5 a side football, the choice of ball can make all the difference.

If you want a football for your indoor football then the Mitre Cyclone is probably your best bet as it has been specifically designed for indoor and laminate surfaces.

Choosing the right ball for your training needs or competitive 5 a side matches is as important as picking the team.

You want to make sure you can provide the very best and here at Just 5 a side we believe the biggest name providing the best 5 a side football are Mitre however there are several other options.

We’ve put together our guide, providing a one stop shop for you, giving you the best information to choose the right ball for your requirements.

Best 5 a side football – The complete guide

For us Mitre lead the way when it comes to the best indoor football products.

Classic and synonymous with the indoor game many of their footballs are made from the familiar felt material, whilst you may be unaware of other footballs in the Mitre range of products.

Here are the best Mitre 5 a side footballs.

Best 5 a side football

Mitre have a superb Futsal range of footballs and all are made to the highest of standards. Players across the world expect nothing less than precision and power and the best 5 a side indoor footballs need to meet these requirements.

Mitre Cyclone Indoor Football

best 5 a side football ball

Best for control & Power

Control and power are a notorious trademark with this product giving an extra edge of confidence.

Choose from a number of different sizes including a 4 or 5, dependent on your needs.

At this price we consider the Mitre Cyclone as one of the best 5 a side indoor footballs available.


Mitre Nebula Futsal Indoor Football

mitre nebula football

The Mitre Nebular looks spectacular in its green, black and white colour scheme.

This ball is available in size 4 only, which will assist and encourage better control.

The durable 32 panel football has been created using a hard wearing grain surfaced material which is used to increase accuracy.

In the meantime the construction is in such a way as to produce less bounce; essential when playing indoor football.

The inner bladder has high air retention meaning less time and occasions for inflating – a great feature for those players short on time.


Great for control and accuracy


Mitre Indoor V5 32P Football

mitre indoor v5 ball

The training quality, indoor V5 has 32 panels and has been developed and created specifically for indoor sports halls, astro, 3g and laminate surfaces.

Available in sizes 4 and 5 it is one of the best indoor footballs available due to its soft grade TPU material.

This product has a matt finish that makes accuracy and control much easier; essential for the fast and frantic pace of indoor football.

The V5 also comes with a high air retention bladder, meaning it will stay inflated for longer, however due to the construction materials this football will bounce less when used on indoor surfaces, something indoor football players will look for and appreciate.

Available in size 4 or 5


Mitre Indoor V7 Match ball

mitre v7 football

Choose your Mitre V7 in either size 4 or 5. The Yellow, Black and Blue color scheme looks every bit when placed on the centre spot just before kick off.

This affordable football comes with excellent stitch work and construction which Mitre pride themselves on, with a thorough understanding of the game.

The V7 is designed for indoor surfaces so the ball will have slightly less bounce and with innovative foam backed panels durability is key to making this indoor football.

Ideal for indoor 5 a side

Innovative foam backed panels


Puma evoPOWER 5 Futsal ball

 Puma Evopower 5 Futsal Ball

The evoPOWER from Puma is a much recognised name in football circles. A trusted brand means a product that can be described as one of the best 5 a side football options to choose from.

The evoPOWER 5 is made with a classic 32 panel.

This means reduced seams and therefore more accuracy, keeping a more perfectly rounded shape. This indoor football has been hand stitched and with indoor football in mind, players will find less bounce.

This is a superb indoor 5 a side football and players will love its soft touch feel.

Multi layered polyester cover & viscose blend backing

Low rebound for hard surfaces


Gfutsal TotalSala PRO 400

gfutsall pro 400 futsal ball

Used by English Premier League academies the Pro 400 was designed in accordance with the Futsal Confederation of Brazil.

The specification of size and weight is paramount for development and this ball boasts a 32 stitched panel construction.

Ideal from the age of 14 to adult this ball will assist with control, accuracy and power making it one of the best 5 a side football products available.

The ball is made of DC – shine material which includes 4 lamination layers.

Tested by the FA National Futsal league & players

Provides the best possible Futsal experience