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My name is Matt and I have a passion for all things football. All football fans who play the game will know just how good the 5 a side version is. I love the fact you get a loads of touches on the ball as well as a good workout. As i’ve got older 5 a side has become more appealing. 11 a side is no fun when you cant keep up with the youngsters. I play 5 a side every week and if you haven’t already had a go I can highly recommend joining a team or getting a group of mates together to join a local 5 a side league.

5 a side

Within this site we have picked out the very best 5 a side products for you to choose from.

We know what it takes to play the short version of football. It is hard, fast and aggressive. Your footwear is a key component to your performance. We also understand your passion and desire to play and you can find the best clothing and protection long with injury and muscle support products available.

Whether you compete in a league or play with friends 5 a side is an excellent way to keep fit whilst fulfilling the enjoyment of playing football.

5 a side comes with many benefits. The health benefits of an intense workout are obvious however the game can improve a player’s ability for the 11 a side game. With many more touches and short, quick passing and confident ball control required 5 a side football can assist an individual and improve their performances elsewhere.

Make sure you are wearing the correct footwear and clothing to stay comfortable, play with agility and watch your execution of 5 a side improve massively.

Walk onto the pitch with confidence, get the mind games started and claim the all important upper hand on the opposition before and during the game.

Playing 5 a side

You can start playing 5 a side at any age and your local sports centre is the place to start looking. THey’ll be able to advise you of teams or turn up and play events that they have. Whet ever your age range or ability you can get playing more if you want to.

Here’s some handy links to help you find some where to play

walkingfootballunited.co.uk/club-scout – Walking football is a slower version of football that makes the skill all about what you do with your feet rather than who is the quickest!

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