Best 5 a side team names

So you’ve got some mates together and you’ve entered a 5 a side league. The next and important step is to pick your team name.

best 5 a side team names

So whats in a name? The best 5 a side team names don’t always have to be humerous but lets face it there are some hilarious ways to name your squad.

Best 5 a side Team names – The Top 25 (in no particular order)

  1. lallanas in Pyjamas
  2. 50 shades O’Shea
  3. Xhaka Khan
  4. Farcelona
  5. For Fuchs ake
  6. Dyslexia Untied
  7. Inter ya nan
  8. Chamakh my pitch up
  9. Slumdog Mignolet
  10. Leave my arselona
  11. Real Sosobad
  12. I haven’t a Kalou
  13. Inter Row Z
  14. Pathetico Madrid
  15. Inter Yersister
  16. Colonel Getafe
  17. Real Sociable
  18. Borrusia Teeth
  19. Expected Toulouse
  20. Norfolk & Chance
  21. Ballotellitubbies
  22. Who ate all Depays
  23. Willian Dollar Baby
  24. Payet Forward
  25. Baines on toast

Our personal favourite is and always has been Farcelona – Humerous and straight to the point. There are some real crackers out there and these are just a selection of the best 5 a side team names. If you’ve got or have heard of any others then we’d love to hear form you @just5aside.